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Worldlink Travel And Tours Ltd started operation in 1993, from its first office in Dares Salaam, and over time has expanded managing several branches in Mwanza, Arusha and Dares Salaam airport, Tanzania today. Worldlink today is a known name and is considered as a major contributor in the Travel & Tours Industry in Tanzania, especially after attaining the IATA Agency status.

Sighting the growth WorldLink was gradually achieving and in order to better the experience of our customers, we partnered with GlobalStar in 2010, which is a management Company run by local entrepreneurs. The need to align with these entrepreneurs was linked with their local expertise, along with their strength and commitment towards devising innovatively cohesive solutions using the latest technology platform.

Together with GlobalStar we were able to offer culturally sensitive, quality services for customers from different countries, offering all elements of services on a global level by means of an innovative technological platform. This platform enabled us to reach out to our customers irrespective of their location and freed us from the boundaries of fixed location offices. Now we were able to address all the needs of our customers anywhere in the world.

Sporting the vast experience we have gathered over time, we thrive in offering our customers an array of travel services, offering them utmost quality and international experience in terms of their visits. We also offer tailor-made experiences to clients who offer us insight on their desires, as we believe every customer helps us in flourishing even more in our services.

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